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As an estate agent or private landlord, regular testing and maintenance of electricals is essential to ensure that the property is safe for your tenants. Not only this, but using an electrical compliance testing company such as Qualitas will significantly reduce the chances of unexpected electrical faults happening throughout the year, saving you money in the long run!

We also have a customer portal which allows you to keep track of all your electrical installation certificates and reports all in one place – allowing you to easily monitor when your next inspections are, and to set reminders for upcoming tests.

Our compliance services include:

EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)

In order to test the safety of electrical installations in your property, we carry out an EICR test (Electrical Installations Condition Report), otherwise known as an Electrical Safety Check. The report we provide will highlight any issues we found during our electrical compliance testing, including faults with the condition of your electrics. We will then go through with you which faults may cause danger to you or your tenants, and how urgently they need resolving in order for your property’s electrical installations to be classed as safe.

If your report comes back with little to no faults, it then acts as your electrical certificate of compliance to prove that your property’s electrical installations are in good condition and meet standards.


PAT Testing

Most of us are familiar with PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing), which refers to the assessment of electrical appliances in both domestic and commercial properties to ensure that they are safe for use – but not everyone will know what the test involves, and whether there are any regulations behind having these tests done.

The process of PAT Testing involves using both visual testing and an electrical tester to determine the condition of electrical appliances and equipment being used in a property. There is no specific law that states that you must have a PAT test carried out, however there are regulations that landlords must abide by to meet safety requirements for tenants, and regular PAT testing can identify such faults.

You should always hire someone with training, knowledge, and experience to carry out PAT Tests – such as our team here at Qualitas. We will provide you with an electrical safety certificate which shows that your appliances meet standards. For more information about electrical compliance testing, including PAT Tests, get in touch on 01132083304.


Emergency Lighting Testing

Emergency lights are ‘back up’ lights for when your usual power supply fails, this could be simply down to fault, a power cut or even in the unlikely event that there’s a fire in your building. Emergency lights are often placed so they light up escape routes from commercial and residential buildings, so it is very important that they are in full working order.

As a landlord, you should book in for a full annual test, as well as quick monthly tests and maintenance to ensure that there are no faults with your lighting and that you are meeting electrical safety compliance standards.


Alarm Testing and Servicing

It goes without saying how important working alarms are in any property – which is why it is recommended to have a full test and inspection of your fire alarms every 6 months to a year, plus monthly periodic checks and maintenance to ensure that they are always working properly.


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